Birds on the brink: Saving the malleefowl

Birds on the brink: Saving the malleefowl

They’re shy, they’re unique and they’re iconic to the region. But as we discovered, the malleefowl is also, sadly, on the brink of extinction.

| September 13, 2014, 14:10

Gary Foley: The path to black power

Gary Foley: The path to black power

From activist to academic, Gary Foley has kept the fire in his belly burning throughout many years of campaigning for Aboriginal rights. Inspiring and...

| September 13, 2014, 13:18

Two By Two: Peter and Lorraine Croft

Two By Two: Peter and Lorraine Croft

Peter and Lorraine Croft have devoted their lives to family and the service of others through Rotary fellowship. But their strongest connection is to ...

| September 13, 2014, 12:57

Kandy crush: Local film makers find a sweet spot

Kandy crush: Local film makers find a sweet spot

Long lead times are often the hallmark of big screen productions– from inception to screening can often take years. But a group of local filmmakers ha...

| September 13, 2014, 10:41

Talking to... David Falcioni

Talking to... David Falcioni

David Falcioni is a man of many facets – by day he’s a mild mannered parts representative, but in his spare time he’s a music aficionado and devoted f...

| September 13, 2014, 10:21

Sister city guests make beautiful music [Seven Days news review]

Sister city guests make beautiful music [Seven Days news review]

Three musicians and a famous paper cutter from Dubbo’s international sister city of Wujiang, China, will be special guests at today’s Multicultural Fe...

| September 06, 2014, 13:05

Columnists & Opinion

Dave Pankhurst - The Book Connection (ADVERTORIAL) - avatar Dave Pankhurst - The Book Connection (ADVERTORIAL) | September 18, 2014

Thinking about thinking

THE brain is that part of the anatomy which is very sensitive. It can be impacted through the senses by both positive and negative comments made to us...

Peter Scolari - Scolari Comerford (ADVERTORIAL) - avatar Peter Scolari - Scolari Comerford (ADVERTORIAL) | September 17, 2014

Who will PROTECT you from your emotional decisions?

WE all do it; we make irrational decisions based on emotion. So how can we protect ourselves from, well, ourselves? It is SO important to have someon...

Jen Cowley - avatar Jen Cowley | September 13, 2014

Lack of compassion redefines the word selfish

My father died of cancer when he was just 45 – leaving behind him a young wife with four young children and a farm to run. Inconsiderate bastard. My ...

Tony Webber - avatar Tony Webber | September 13, 2014

Guns and soldiers the best way to run a mercy dash for civilians

Just so we’re clear. We are providing humanitarian aid to the Kurds and other peoples besieged by Islamist extremists in the Levant. That humanitari...

Sally Bryant - avatar Sally Bryant | September 13, 2014

In my book... no noise is good noise

Once again I find myself off the beaten track; as I write this I’m tucked up in a B’n’B in the boonies. I’m travelling for work. That always has such...

Mel Murray - avatar Mel Murray | September 13, 2014

Diva’s death leaves ‘em laughing as they go

To work until the day we die would be the stuff of nightmares for most people. For Joan Rivers however, it was a dream come true. As she said in her d...

Greg Smart - avatar Greg Smart | September 13, 2014

A gentle stranger’s reminder of a simpler time

I recently met a man who could have been my father. Not in a biological sense, but a man who had the attributes of my father, even the same first nam...

James Eddy - avatar James Eddy | September 13, 2014

Passing out parade marks a leap into the lion’s den

Excuse me while I get a little self-indulgent for a moment. This time of year causes me to pause and reflect on what it’s like to finish school, where...

Mathew Dickerson, Mayor of Dubbo - avatar Mathew Dickerson, Mayor of Dubbo | September 13, 2014

Devil is in the detail for council reform

Back in August 2011 over 350 representatives from every council across the state descended on Dubbo for the Destination 2036 workshop. After 1,120 day...

Val Clark - avatar Val Clark | September 13, 2014

Horses for courses

Horses for courses” was a favourite quote from a wise friend explaining why he treated each of their four children differently. Until recently I stro...


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